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Halotherapy Solutions HaloMini™

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Introducing the HaloMini™ - Your Ultimate Halotherapy Companion! Elevate your Halotherapy experience with this innovative device, designed to bring wellness, relaxation, and convenience right to your doorstep. Transform an existing room, space or cabin into a sanctuary of health and well-being with the HaloMini™ .

More and more people are looking to create salt rooms in their own home or business. Add to an existing cabin or small room for a more personalized and convenient experience. Across the world, people are increasingly aware of how lifestyle and external environmental factors impact their wellbeing. Halotherapy is a natural, drug free way for all ages to enjoy and improve health-and-wellness.

Halotherapy can help combat respiratory conditions and symptoms, including those from poor air quality or allergies. It helps improve many skin conditions, relieves anxiety, stress and promotes better sleep.

We have adapted and updated our technology to introduce the HaloMini™ . With SaltPerfect™  Technology (the perfect amount of salt and the perfect size particles), the HaloMini™  produces the smallest particles in the industry and uses the newest hybrid methods, incorporating both the mill and cyclone technology.


  • Great for small rooms or cabins up to 50sqft (4.5m2)
  • Engineered with new compressed air technology for the
  • smallest, micro-sized salt particles in the industry
  • Uses less salt per session than standard Halogenerators
  • but with same efficacy
  • Very quiet machine
  • Simple installation
  • Very easy to operate and clean
  • Low power consumption 50W, 110/230V, 50/60Hz
  • Lifetime warranty
  • CE Certified-Independent inspection for safety


Height 17.5" (445mm)

Width 7.7" (195mm,

Depth 6.1" (155mm)

Weight ~6lbs (~3kg)


4" diameter (100mm)

Sound Decibels


Built in fan

Rate 90m3/h

Power Requirements

110/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 48W

The HaloMini includes a 5-year warranty for normal wear and tear.

Delivery: 5-6 weeks

*All sales are final, no refunds*