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PowerMedic PowerLaser™ Basic VET Expert+ Package

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In this set, we’ve assembled all three VET lasers in one package. Here you have the opportunity to work with both smaller areas and trigger points, larger areas in depth and surface problems in skin or fur. It’s simply a complete package with everything you need when you need to treat with laser therapy.

With a PowerLaser Basic VET Expert+ you can help your horse, dog, cat etc. with reducing pain and increasing mobility in an injured area as well as accelerating the body’s natural healing process. This applies to both acute, long-term and superficial injuries.

In this PowerLaser Basic VET Expert + we have gathered all three VET lasers in one package.

Here you get the opportunity to work with all 3 models within the PowerLaser Basic VET series.


PowerLaser Basic500 VET

The PowerLaser Basic500 VET is specially designed for precise treatment of smaller areas, specific muscles and trigger points.

This model allows you to effectively target treatment of e.g. damage to fork bands, flexor tendons, minor wounds etc.

The model has 1 laser diode and 2 programs, which is the wavelength that best penetrates body tissue.

For this model, it is possible to purchase an acupuncture lens and/or dental rod (see any accessories).


PowerLaser Basic1500 VET

The PowerLaser Basic1500 VET is primarily designed for treatment over larger areas of the body.

This gives you the opportunity to effectively target the treatment of shocks, strokes, oedemas, muscle strains, SI joints and larger wounds.

The model has 3 laser diodes at 808nm, which is the wavelength that best penetrates body tissue.


PowerLaser Basic1200 VET

Last but not least, the set also contains a PowerLaser Basic1200 VET, which is especially developed for treating the surface of skin or fur.

It gives you the opportunity to effectively target treatment of e.g. wounds, rashes and other skin disorders.

This model is equipped with 3 laser diodes that emit a red visible light of 638nm.

This wavelength is absorbed in the skin surface as well as those in the outermost tissue layers.

In addition, the Basic1200 also has 4 blue diodes at 405nm. The blue light kills bacteria and viruses and is often used in the treatment of a number of surface conditions.

PowerLaser Basic VET Expert+ is thus a complete package with everything you need when treating small or large areas as well as possibly surface problems.


Product Downloads

Patient Information Brochure

PowerLaser Basic VET Brochure


Sussers Clinic of Podiatry

I started my clinic of podiatry in 1975. When the customer is sitting in the chair having their feet treated, the conversation often turns to other physical problems that they are having, and this way I developed an interest in the human being as a whole and wanted to help in other ways.

In 1996, I graduated as a craniosacral therapist and started relieving various muscle and skeletal problems, headaches, migraines, and much more.

At a podiatry exhibition, I met PowerMedic and immediately got interested in laser therapy for the treatment of warts and inflamed nail ridges. I had not been able to do much for those conditions with the resources I had available at the time.


“Once I had the laser in house, it was used diligently both in the foot clinic and as a supplement in the craniosacral therapy, especially for jaw tension and tennis elbow.”


Today, I treat mainly the lower back, sciatica, the shoulder, osteoarthritis in the knee and ankle, plantar fasciitis, rigid flatfoot, restless legs syndrome, and much more. I often experience that the customer comes back and happily reports that this other problem they had is also gone. A positive side effect.

The customers often experience that they get more energy and are happier. Because of the good results, the customer spreads the word about laser therapy, which leads to more people getting treatment.

Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of treating a couple of horses.

I am the owner of a PowerLaser PRO 500, a PowerLaser PRO 1500 and a GigaLaser, and I am very happy with all of them. I participate in meetings with other laser therapists and PowerMedic where we exchange experiences etc. , which is very rewarding. I have a really good relationship with my peers and PowerMedic, as we all wish to promote laser therapy as the treatment method of the future with good results and no side effects.