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Best Home Salt Therapy Machines in 2023

 HaloIR breathe and detox suite

Breathing Problems Demand Solutions

"Take a deep breath" is sometimes an instruction given to people who need to take a moment to relax or calm down. However, this is challenging for some people even in the most relaxing atmosphere around. The problem is that some individuals literally have difficulty breathing. Their lungs may suffer from bacteria in the air that causes inflammation and other issues to crop up.


Top Salt Therapy Machines for at Home Salt Therapy


HaloPocket (Portable Salt Therapy Device)
Halopocket - portable salt therapy device
halofx halogenerator
Halobooth salt therapy booth
Halobed - salt therapy bed
Halo-IR breathe and detox suite - salt therapy at home
Halocave - salt therapy at home


Respiratory Health

When people are dealing with respiratory ailments, air irritants or respiratory infections, it can be challenging for them to even enjoy their day-to-day experiences because they are always struggling to fill their lungs. Anyone in this situation knows that they need to do something to improve their airway passages and work on their breathing problems. The question is: What should they do?

Insert - Halotherapy, a.k.a. dry salt therapy!



Many children and adults with asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and other respiratory conditions found that dry salt treatment approximately 2-3 times per week can do wonders. In addition, athletes and fitness fans have now discovered the secrets of regular dry salt as well by having better lung capacity and increased endurance. It's tough to find a way to treat issues in your lungs, but maybe salt therapy treatment is just what you need!

A home salt machine may provide the lung health benefits that they need to start achieving better sleep and living a happier and fuller life. Salt Particles in the air can reduce inflammation, provide anti-inflammatory benefits and potentially kill bacteria which we will get into more shortly, but the important takeaway is that this type of machine could potentially change the way that an individual dealing with breathing issues is able to better enjoy and embrace life. They can also provide self treatment.


What To Consider When Looking At Home Salt Therapy Machines

ADA Compliant salt therapy booth


Consumers who are looking at home salt devices will likely want to weigh the pros and cons based on how much they want to continue to struggle with respiratory conditions. They may have experienced issues with their respiratory system for some time and may be used to them by now, but that doesn't justify leaving them untreated. Leaving these conditions untreated for too long may even lead to worsening lung function over time. 


Here are the two major factors that people should consider when choosing an at home salt therapy device:  

How Much Does a Device Cost?

In order to be able to truly experience the therapeutic effects of salt therapy at home you'll need some sort of salt therapy device or potentially even a room dedicated to salt therapy and other wellness practices. A good device is one that fits your needs and budget. Are you looking for a hand held device, or a personalized salt chamber? The price may range from several hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars and up pending on the goal you're looking to accomplish.


How Often Will You Use the Salt Device?

If you're just looking to satisfy the occasional salt therapy fix or address infrequent skin conditions, then perhaps you should stick toward the cheaper and portable salt therapy machine options. If halotherapy is a major portion of your respiratory system health and wellness practice and you find yourself constantly experiencing unpleasant respiratory conditions then that's a sign it may be warranted to invest in a more permanent solution. This could be a salt therapy machine that works in conjunction with a room or sauna you already own or building out your own personal salt cave but the frequency at which you practice halotherapy is a major factor to consider.

You may spend a bit more upfront to have a salt therapy machine in your home in the beginning, but it is a long-term investment that can pay off wonderfully for you when you use it frequently and see benefits to your health. 

From a handheld salt device to an in-home salt cave, each of these factors matters because you need to be sure that you aren't paying for a salt device that will ultimately go unused. That is why the best home salt therapy devices are those that are affordable and easy to use. We will take a look at the various devices that fit that mold. 


The Best Home Salt Therapy Machines

1) The Halopocket 

Halopocket - portable salt therapy device


Portable Dry Salt Therapy Machine in the Palms of Your Hands!

Perhaps the best salt therapy for clearer lungs and fresher air is the one that you can bring with you whenever you need it or leave on your bedside table. This is why people love the Halopocket product. It is small enough to fit into their pocket, but it provides the relief that they need when they are dealing with an attack of asthma or allergies. It can produce cleaner air for them to breathe in as needed. 

This device is one of the most affordable personalized air purifier devices on the market. The tiny salt particles allow to take a portable salt therapy machine where your heart desires. You can start to breathe easier knowing that you have this device in your pocket with you whenever you need it. 


Video of the HaloPocket in use:


Who Needs Himalayan Salt Lamps when you have the HaloPocket?

The Halopocket comes with 4+ months of pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride (salt) so you can get started using it right away. It has a rechargeable battery so you can use it as often as you need without worrying about it running out of juice. Best of all, it has very fast sessions of just 2-3 minutes. Thus, you can use it and then put it away and get back to your day. 


Potential Benefits

Some of the positive feedback about the Halopocket as reported by its users include: 

  • A reduction in allergy symptoms
  • Better immune resistance 
  • Lower inflammation
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep
  • Skin purification 

People say that it helps them feel better in many ways, and it is something that they wouldn't want to be without again. It seems that most people are quite happy with the fact that they can get something that literally fits in their pocket, but can bring all of these wonderful health benefits to the table.

Who wouldn't want to reduce allergy symptoms, have better lung function, and skin that looked and felt better? For all that it offers and it's affordable price tag, it makes sense why this one of the most popular at home salt therapy machines that we offer!


2) HaloFX™ Halogenerator (Mounted Model)

halofx halogenerator

Salt Therapy Machine for Home Use


Easy Operation & Installation

The HaloFX™ has numerous adjustable pre-set programs that make it customizable for any lung inflammation or skin condition. It is quiet, simple to operate and virtually maintenance free!

This product is easy to install in small or large rooms. You just plug it in and let it get to work doing what it does. You should expect to start feeling the difference in the room within moments of placing it there, and you will very likely notice a difference in your breathing quite rapidly as well. You should feel more at ease than when you first entered the room. 

This device is a very reasonable size at just 13"(W) x 21"(L) x 9"(D) and it weighs just 14 pounds. It is meant to be used in any room that you want to turn into your own salt room. You will achieve good results up to 440 square foot spaces. Anything greater and you may start to dilute the effects of the salt particles.



  • Wall mount installation
  • Low power consumption: 35-50W | 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Powdered feed rate: 0-300 g/h |Tank capacity: 200g
  • 2 separate auxiliary controls for ventilation and lights
  • Self-cleaning mill and non-rusting feeder
  • Comprehensive Training manual


If you would like, you can receive a free consultation to show you how to install the device and everything that it can do. You may or may not require this, but the service is available to you if you would like to have it. CONTACT US to schedule your consultation! 

Check Here for more information and pricing on the HaloFX Halogenerator

3) Halotherapy Solutions HaloBooth


 Halobooth - salt booth 

Salt Therapy Booth at Home


The HaloBooth™ was designed and created to provide an effective and personalized salt therapy experience in a private setting. It is simple to use, cost efficient and more importantly doesn’t require costly room modifications to utilize and operate.

Step into the booth and have your senses filled with the smell and feel the salt particles. This booth has a seat inside it so you can sit and be comfortable while the experience is occurring. Additionally, you can enjoy it in the privacy of your own home. 


Colors & Maintenance

The HaloBooth™ is available in two colors – white wood or dark wood. It is powered by our high efficiency HaloGX™ Halogenerator and comes with a 5-year warranty. These halogenerators are great because they're virtually maintenance free!

The Halobooth is meant to enclose you in the experience of salt therapy in a way that is natural and comfortable. You may feel like you have stepped into an old time phone booth when you first go in, but you will quickly understand that the Halobooth is so much better because it is more comfortable from a space perspective, and you get the enjoyment of salt therapy on top of that. It is hard to beat all of that coming together perfectly for you. 

Check Here for more information and pricing on the HaloBooth



4) Halotherapy Solutions Halobed

Salt therapy bed

 Salt Therapy Bed - Sleep and Practice Halotherapy


Talk about an all-consuming experience! The Halobed has everything to create an atmosphere of relaxation while you practice salt therapy. And potentially sleep!

We went more into depth about the Best Salt Therapy Bed Here


Total Body Relaxation

To make the most of the experience, you should: 

  • Bring a comfortable set of sheets and a pillow
  • Try to relax and think calming thoughts
  • Allow yourself to sleep for a few moments if it feels right

This bed has a built-in heating feature that will relax you even further, and there are comforting lights for you to enjoy as well. Thus, the entire experience will be something that you can enjoy as you feel the tension fall off of your shoulders and onto the floor. You might not ever want to get out of this bed again after you have experienced sleeping with salt particles. 

Check Here for more information and pricing on the Halobed

5) Halotherapy Solutions Halo-IR Breathe & Detox Recovery Suite

HaloIR breathe and detox suite - infrared and salt therapy

 Infrared Therapy meets Salt Therapy

Immersive Experience

The Halo-IR is practically the size of a small room. It is meant to be a place where you can enjoy your salt therapy while fully relaxing and allowing yourself to just be in the moment. There is a heating feature that soothes your whole body, and you can enjoy the sounds of guided meditation as you lie in this room as just allow yourself to drift into a more peaceful time. It is a beautiful thing that you can do for your body and mind all at the same time. A quick session in this detox suite, and your entire mood will be lifted. 

You can set the suite up to run 20, 30, or 45-minute protocols depending on what you are feeling like on that day and how much relaxation you need. Listen to the Bluetooth audio system that is set up to play guided meditations (though you may choose to let it play whatever you would like), and just drift away into a more peaceful state of being. This suite takes Himalayan salt lamps to a whole new level.


Additional Features To Know About:

Don't let it slip past you that the Halo IR suite provides a lot of benefits for people who are experiencing pain for any reason. Many who have suffered from sports injuries or other similar situations say that they love the Halo-IR because it provides them with a sanctuary of sorts where they can go and get the recovery that they need from the painful injuries that they suffer. They say it: 

  • Speeds up recovery times
  • Relieves muscle tension and stress
  • Helps them perform better in the sports that they take part in 
  • Helps detox their body 
  • Improves their immune system

Those who participate in sports at a high level understand what it takes to perform week in and week out at those levels. The human body can withstand a lot, but sports put a lot of strain on the relationship between one's body and mind. It is important to have an area where it is possible to recover and rehabilitate from the worst of sports injuries. Thus, it might be a good idea to invest in this type of product to see those results. 


Warranty & Assistance

You are granted a 5-year warranty when you purchase the Halo-IR, as well as a complimentary consultation to learn how to best utilize the Suite. Before the purchase or post purchase, feel free to CONTACT US regarding consultations!

 Check Here for more information and pricing on the Halo-IR Breathe and Detox Suite


6) Halotherapy Solutions Halocave

halocave (salt therapy chamber)

The Ultimate Salt Therapy Experience


Directly from a partner in Italy, the Halocave is the ultimate in salt therapy relaxation and modern salt rooms. The HaloCave™ (in-home salt cave) is a ready-made designer salt room, fully prefabricated, which has been optimized for, and includes, the HaloFX™ halogenerator. People say that a session or two per week is all that they need to start to recover and feel a lot better in their own skin.




The Halocave brings all of the great things about salt mines and salt chambers into a more personalized package. You will see from the moment you get in it that it is something different from what you are likely used to. People love the Halocave because it provides them with the relaxation that they have gotten used to from a salt room, but it is in their own home. 

 Check Here more information and pricing on the Halocave



Unfortunately, we can't tell you which is the best salt therapy machine for you but hopefully this was helpful!

All of the salt therapy devices referenced are made of quality materials and built to stand up to constant use. Given salt therapy helps with so many issues such as symptoms from cystic fibrosis, Asthma and allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, bad sleep etc it's no wonder people have turned to it. Though this buying guide is discussing the best salt therapy devices for home use, all of these products are utilized at spas and clinics worldwide.

There's a lot more that goes into choosing the proper salt therapy device to use at home than people think. Of course any amount of salt therapy is better than none, but if you want to maximize the usage of the new device and ensure you make the right choice then it helps to have a plan:


  • Understand what you're looking to achieve from your salt therapy machine
  • Evaluate how often you plan on utilizing the machine
  • Budget and operate accordingly


Stick to those parameters and your decision process should become much simpler. Practicing salt therapy at home is easier and more effective than ever, so figure out which salt therapy device is best for you and enjoy! 


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At Therastock we can help answer any and all of your questions when it comes to choosing the perfect salt therapy equipment for you or your business. Call us at (888) 321-1608, or email us at if you need assistance! 

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