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Experia LED Fiber Optic Wall Carpet

by Experia
Original price $2,299.00 - Original price $2,799.00
Original price
$2,299.00 - $2,799.00
Current price $2,299.00
Product Specs (PDF)

The LED Fiber Optic Wall Carpet is a wall mounted version of the Fiber Optic Carpet. Create stunning visual effects with this LED Fiber Optic Wall Carpet!


Hundreds of bright fiber optic spots gradually change color to produce a mesmerizing calming effect on this LED Fiber Optic Wall Carpet. The enticing tactile wall-mounted fiber optic carpet enhances any wall and sensory room that it adorns.

Its accessibility makes it a favorite for children and adults. Since there is no electricity in fiber optics, only light, it’s safe for the user to get close to the carpet to touch and feel.

The Wall Carpet is illuminated by an LED light source that operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

The Calming model slowly changes colors on its own and is perfect for de-escalation and relaxation.

The Superactive Model gives the user the opportunity to change the color of the integrated fiber optics by using a wireless controller.   The superactive wireless controller operates from a distance of up to 90ft. and utilize our new Qi* charging system (*pronounced "chee"). 

It has an internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery and charges wirelessly using inductive charging coils.  Simply set the controller down on the charging pad, and it charges!

The IRiS Model is compatible with all of our IRiS “Talkers”, or controllers, such as the Color Selecor, Color Selector Deluxe, Qube, and more (sold separately).

While the carpet may be handled, for safety reasons, the light source should be kept out of reach. Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

Light source: 8¼” H x 6¼” W x 5” D
Carpet: 78¾” W x 39½” H x 2” D
All dimensions are approximate.

**Due to increased demand all Experia Equipment is subject to a 4-6 week lead time, unless otherwise discussed.  If we have the product in stock that may be sooner, please contact us about product availability get a more accurate lead time.**