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Experia Portable Sensory Corner (Calming & Superactive)

by Experia
Original price $7,499.00 - Original price $7,699.00
Original price
$7,499.00 - $7,699.00
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Take your sensory environment to any room with the Portable Sensory Corner!


The unit offers a comfortable place to sit while the fiber optic strands and bubble tube provide great visual effects. The fiber optic carpet panel produces hundreds of color-changing spots of light, which are both visually attractive and tactile.

The Fiber optic strands are wonderfully tactile and can be laid across a person’s lap to create a close, hands-on experience.

The Portable Sensory Corner is available in Calming or Superactive Models.

In the Calming Model, the bubbles in the LED bubble tube steadily rise up the tube while its color slowly changes. Ideal for relaxation or calming, this bubble tube could also be used for reducing anxiety in individuals with dementia.

The Superactive Model gives the user the opportunity to change the color of the fiber optic strands, the fiber optic panel and the bubble tube by using the wireless controller.

The Portable Sensory Corner bundle includes a platform manufactured from strong, easy-to-clean, phthalate-free vinyl with wheels, 2 mirrors, a fiber optic carpet panel, a fiber optic lightsource and strands (78” x 150 strands), and an LED Bubble Tube.

The Superactive Model also includes a wireless controller.

There is no electricity in fiber optic, only light, which means it is safe for the user to get close to the product.

Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

The wireless controller is battery operated (batteries included) and operates from a distance of up to 90ft.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

28" H x 48" W x 48" D

**Due to increased demand all Experia Equipment is subject to a 4-6 week lead time, unless otherwise discussed.  If we have the product in stock that may be sooner, please contact us about product availability get a more accurate lead time.**

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