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Experia Sensory Corner Bundle

by Experia
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If you need a sensory environment but only have the space for a corner, look no further. A Sensory Corner Bundle provides a wide variety of sensory experiences in just one corner of a room.

Purchase a complete sensory corner bundle with bubble tube, mirrors, projector, soothing sounds and fiber optics to create a sensory corner in whatever location you need.


This bundle includes:
1 x Superactive LED Bubble Tube 60" & 9 way Wireless Controller
1 x Curved Bubble Tube Platform - Medium 36" W x 36" L x 16" H
1 x Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirror Pair - 36" W x 48" H
1 x BCB - Bubble Tube Additive
1 x Bubble Tube Pump and Hose
1 x Projector Bundle, including Aurora LED Projector, Wheel Rotator and 3 Effects Wheels (Firework Bonanza, Under the Sea and a blank wheel)
2 x Calming Sounds CDs
1 x Superactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle (includes Superactive LED Lightsource, Strands and 8 way Wireless Controller)
1 x Bubble Tube Bracket
1 x Installation Instructions

**Due to increased demand all Experia Equipment is subject to a 4-6 week lead time, unless otherwise discussed.  If we have the product in stock that may be sooner, please contact us about product availability get a more accurate lead time.**

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