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Experia Superactive Sensory Room

by Experia
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The Superactive Sensory Room Package was created with interaction and relaxation firmly in mind. This package is great for social interaction along with theming and storytelling.

Create a multisensory environment to develop life skills such as cause and effect skills, color recognition, switching skills and vocalization with the Superactive Sensory Room!


A Superactive Sensory Room is a world of its own. Filled with amazing interactive equipment (allowing the user to control their environment) such as bubble tubes that change colors, tunnels that transport you to outer space, projected images to sooth and calm as well as a fanlite and mirrors, it will be sure to amaze children and adults alike.

Useful in a school, clinic, office, long term care facility or home. A perfect room for those living with sensory processing disorders. This is a quick and easy way to purchase a full Superactive Sensory Room in one complete bundle.

This bundle includes:

- 1 x Superactive LED Infinity Tunnel & 8 button Wireless Controller
- 1 X Interactive LED Fanlite
- 1 X Curved Bubble Tube Platform - Medium 36" W x 36" L x 16" H
- 2 X Bubble Tube Acrylic Mirrors - 36" x 48"
- 1 x Superactive LED Bubble Tube 60" & 9 button Wireless Controller
- 1 x Projector Bundle, including Aurora LED Projector, wheel rotator and 3 effect wheels (Firework Bonanza, Under the Sea and a blank wheel)
- 1 x Superactive LED Fiber Optic Bundle (Includes Superactive LED Lightsource, Strands and 8 button Wireless Controller)
- 1 x Superactive LED Fiber Optic Cascade & 8 button Wireless Controller
- 1 x Superactive LED Strip and Driver Bundle with 8 button Wireless Controller
- 1 x Bean Bag Chair
- 1 x Bubble Tube Bracket
- 1 x BCB - Bubble Tube Additive
- 1 x Bubble Tube Pump and Hose

Adult Supervision Required. Ages 3+

**Due to increased demand all Experia Equipment is subject to a 4-6 week lead time, unless otherwise discussed.  If we have the product in stock that may be sooner, please contact us about product availability get a more accurate lead time.**

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