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Experia Underwater Adventure Room Bundle

by Experia
Original price $8,799.00 - Original price $10,949.00
Original price
$8,799.00 - $10,949.00
Current price $8,799.00

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The ultimate underwater-themed room package has arrived!   Available in calming and interactive versions, this is sure to be everyone’s favorite sensory space!


Our new, captivating room bundle will fully immerse your kids in the sea-based theme, from the swimming fish in the bubble tubes to the optional Sensory Canopy that become the waves under which they swim, this is sure to be the most mesmerizing of sensory rooms. 

The sea-based theme provides endless opportunities to role-play, work on language development, or simply to lay back, relax, and de-escalate while listening to one of the included ocean CDs.  We’ve even included a beautiful jellyfish-shaped decorative mirror and sets of vinyl fish decals to complete the sensory room transformation.

The Underwater Adventure room package comes in 3 different versions:

Calming Version - the Bubble Tube, Jellyfish and Anemone (which is our fiber optic softie in disguise….) slowly rotate through a rainbow of colors, creating a sense of serenity. 

Superactive version - each of these three elements has a dedicated, 8- or 9-button controller, allowing independent control of the colors. 

IRiS version - like all of our IRiS products, allows control of each element individually, or independently, and comes with our iConverter to allow control with your iPhone or iPad (not included).  Additionally, as your needs change or grow, the IRiS version can be expanded with any number of our IRiS controllers, or additional Listeners, to suit your needs. 

The Sensory Canopy, although optional (not shown), further enhances the idea that you’re no longer in a room, but immersed in a new, different environment, and it truly transforms the space.  If added to the room package, 24 individual fabric panels will be included.  This will cover 24 standard 24” x 48” ceiling tiles.

The room package includes:

1 – 60” Bubble Tube (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Curved bubble tube platform (36” x 36” x 16”h)
1 – Bubble tube mirror pair (36” x 48”)
1 – Fiber Optic Jellyfish (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Fiber Optic Anemone (Calming, Superactive, or IRiS)
1 – Aurora projector with wheel rotator
1 – Tropical Fish effect wheel
1 – Under the Sea effect wheel
1 – Bookshelf sound system
2 – Sea-based CDs (“Song of the Whales” and “Surf Song”)
1 – Set of swimming fish (added to the bubble tube)
2 – Fish decals sets (6 total fish – 3 Sturgeon and 3 Harlequin fish)
1 – Bubble tube BCB water treatment (maintenance)
1 – Bubble tube pump and hose kit (maintenance)
1 – Bubble tube bracket (safety)

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