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Best Halogenerator for 2022 (Top 4 Options)

Halopocket - portable salt therapy

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What to Consider When Buying a Halogenerator?

Any person that's looking into buying a Halogenerator, must ask themselves a few questions about the process. After all, they need to be absolutely certain that the product they purchase is suitable for their needs. Here are a few things that ought to come into one's mind when making these considerations: 

  • Am I buying this for my personal use, or am I going to install it in a commercial or communal setting?

  • What is my budget for purchasing one of these machines? 

  • Am I going to get a good ROI from this device?

You need to do a proper assessment with yourself when asking those questions. You don't want to buy the Halogenerator on the assumption that you will use it more than you truly do

What we want to help guide you through at this moment are the best 4 Halogenerator products on the market. We will explain why each product is worthy of your consideration. We will try to point you to the devices that offer the best value without sacrificing effectiveness. We hope that you take something away from this guide and that it assists you in your decision-making. 

List of Best Halogenerators

1) HaloPocket

halopocket portable salt therapy device

Experience a Dry Salt Therapy Session Whenever You Want!


Let us start with the most portable and personal of the devices on this list. The HaloPocket is arguably one of the most popular salt device in the world. Intended for personal use, it's a small device that they can carry around in their pocket and use for some immediate salt therapy relief right when they need it.

You see, many people across the world have discovered the benefits of salt therapy which is a sign of it's effectiveness. Now people would like to practice salt therapy whenever the need arises. Thus, they may find the HaloPocket to be precisely the tool that they need to get the job done. 

The portable HaloPocket has a price tag of less than $700, which is ideal for most people on the hunt for the perfect product at a reasonable price. However, it is still powerful enough to give them some symptom relief when they feel allergies kicking in or some other concern related to their sinuses. 


Videos of the HaloPocket


More about the HaloPocket:


Video of the HaloPocket in use:



The device has reliable and powerful performance

It's not the full-body experience of a salt chamber, but you can use it for a quick 2-3 minute session to get yourself feeling better once again. It also comes with 150 grams of pure pharmaceutical-grade salt to help get you started, and it has its own rechargeable battery. You are going to be all set to start using this device as soon as it arrives to you. That is the ideal situation for anyone who wants to embrace the halotherapy lifestyle!

Check Here for more information and pricing on the HaloPocket!


2) Halotherapy Solutions HaloGX PRO Halogenerator

Halogx halogenerator


Turn your cabin or small space into the perfect salt chamber with the HaloGX. This product is meant to take any ordinary room and turn it into a space that provides a lot of healing and comfort. You won't want to leave your new salt cave that has been transformed by the HaloGX halogenerator once you first enter it because you will feel the transformative impacts of this device almost immediately. 

Many spas and health clubs have started to use the HaloGX and similar devices to turn some of their rooms into salt rooms or a salt chamber. Not only do guests love this because they get the experience of salt therapy, but some have stated that it made them feel more comfortable with everything going around during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They appreciated the fact that their health clubs were responding to their desire for a safe environment where they could feel protected. Halotherapy Solutions helped deliver that to health clubs that wanted to provide that environment. 


  • Easy Installation

  • It is extremely quiet

  • It is easy to clean

  • It comes with a 5-year warranty

  • Its power consumption is kept to a minimum 

  • It uses fewer salt particles than a standard machine in the same category 

  • Simple to maintain product

Put it all together, and you can see that the HaloGX halogenerator is one of the most effective salt therapy devices in the world. Halotherapy Solutions is an industry leader in salt devices for dry salt therapy.

Check Here for more information and pricing on the HaloGX

3) Halotherapy Solutions HaloFX™ Mobile Halogenerator

halofx mobile halogenerator

All the rooms are salt rooms!

Bring the experience of halotherapy with you everywhere, and turn anywhere into a salt room when you use the HaloFX mobile halogenerator. People love this unit because it makes it easier than ever to help them get the salt therapy treatment that they need without having to station themselves in one specific room. They just fire up the mobile HaloFX and they are off to the races. 


Given this is a mobile device, it is worth mentioning the dimensions of this device so that you know how much room it is going to take up. Note the following: 

  • 15″ (H) x 16.5″ (L) x 12″ (D)

  • Arm length: 32"

  • Total weight: 14 pounds

The 14-pound weight makes it easy to move the portable device whenever you deem fit!

What People Love About It 

There are a number of features that people love about the mobile HaloFX. Obviously, the fact that they can move it around their home to wherever they need it to go is a big deal. However, there is more than just that. They also appreciate that they get less humidity build-up than with similar devices from other companies. The machine uses fewer salt particles to operate, which means the cleanup process is easier, and the machine is more environmentally-friendly in general. 

There is no chance of corrosion with this device, and people say that they only have to clean it once per month! That saves you a lot of time and allows you to get a lot of use out of the device before you ever have to bother with cleaning it for later uses.

Check Here for more information and pricing on the mobile HaloFX halogenerator 


4) Halotherapy Solutions HaloFX Mounted Halogenerator

halotherapy halofx mounted halogenerator

Finally, we want to look at the mounted HaloFX halogenerator. You might think of this model as the "set it and forget it" model because you simply set it up in the space that you want and enjoy the virtually maintenance free way to have your very own salt room in your home. It can be installed easily and comes with operation manuals and maintenance guides so you can maintain the product. Free consultations are available on proper placement, customer protocols, etc how to get it set up and installed right from the start. 

People love this option because they don't have to think about it. They just breathe the clean and fresh air that it produces, and they are all set. The device is powerful enough to get adequate salt into any salt room that is up to 440 sq ft in size, and the cleaning procedure for this one is very simple. Most people say they only have to clean it once per month. 

Check Here for more information and pricing on the mounted HaloFX halogenerator



These are four amazing salt devices that can begin to have an impact on your life starting right now. Use your Halopocket as useable salt décor on your bedside table, or create a salt room (or salt rooms) in your own environment.

All of the salt therapy devices referenced are made of quality materials and built to stand up to constant use. Given salt therapy helps with so many issues such as symptoms from cystic fibrosis, Asthma and allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, bad sleep etc it's no wonder people have turned to it.

Though this buying guide is discussing the best halogenerator, all of these products are utilized at spas and clinics worldwide. Practicing salt therapy is easier and more effective than ever, so figure out which salt therapy device is best for you and enjoy! 


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